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Strategic Areas

Shifting our systems toward equity and centering them on the needs of youth

The Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative is managed by the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) working in partnership with CalHHS Departments and Offices, other state agencies, and a wide range of partners.

The CYBHI’s planning and implementation are guided by the input of hundreds of young people, families, behavioral health professionals, educators, community-based organizations, subject matter experts, and many others.

The CYBHI's work is divided into 20 workstreams focusing on four strategic areas:

Workforce Training and Capacity

Create a larger, more representative workforce supporting the emotional, mental and behavioral health of California’s young people.

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Behavioral Health Ecosystem Infrastructure

Develop and transform the infrastructure supporting the behavioral health of our children, youth and families to ensure there is no wrong door for help.

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Create coverage pathways to access behavioral health services.

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Public Awareness

Reduce stigma and raise awareness around emotional, mental, and behavioral health using culturally- and linguistically-appropriate campaigns.

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CYBHI’s work is divided into strategic workstreams

Each workstream is managed by one or more CalHHS departments or offices that have deep connections to the issues and people it involves.

The following graphic outlines the four strategic areas and the workstreams they encompass: