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Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program

About this Workstream

The children-and-youth-focused efforts of the Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program’s (BHCIP) Round 4: Children and Youth aim to expand the continuum of behavioral health treatment and services for Californians aged 25 and under, including pregnant and postpartum women, their children, transition-age youth and their families.

BHCIP is a broader initiative with several funding rounds by DHCS aimed at enhancing California’s behavioral health system by addressing various challenges. BHCIP’s Round 4, with funding from the CYBHI, specifically targets individuals under 25, addressing the unique challenges they face. This round invests in infrastructure that fosters a spectrum of services for children and youth—from wellness centers to crisis stabilization units—and nurtures inclusive, accessible, and supportive environments so that all Californian children, youth and their families have the opportunity to thrive.

Managed by

  • DHCS

Strategic Area

Behavioral Health Ecosystem Infrastructure


$480.5 million


2022 – 2027

Workstream Goals

Invest in behavioral health and community care options that advance racial equity.

Seek geographic equity of behavioral health and community care options.

Address urgent gaps in the care continuum for people with behavioral health conditions.

Ensure care can be provided in the least restrictive settings to support community integration, choice and autonomy.

Key Achievements

Awarded $480.5 million to 52 child- and youth-focused projects funded, which support:

  • 509 new inpatient treatment beds and 76,977 new treatment slots. 
  • 4 tribal entities were awarded.
  • 15 projects began construction as of December 2023.

Released Request for Application (RFA) for grants to fund infrastructure projects targeted to children and youth.


January 2022

Behavioral health assessment report released.

June 2022

RFA released (children and youth).

December 2022

Round 4 grants announced.

Q3 2023

Construction of projects anticipated to begin.

June 2027

The final projects are expected to be completed.