» ACEs and Toxic Stress Public Awareness and Healing-Centered Campaign


ACEs and Toxic Stress Public Awareness and Healing-Centered Campaign

About this Workstream

The ACEs and Toxic Stress Public Awareness and Healing-Centered Campaign is a statewide campaign to increase public understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress, as well as provide youth, young adults and those who support them with resources and strategies to manage stress, heal from adversity and end cycles of trauma.

By convening diverse youth and young adults, parents and caregivers, and community partners, the initiative seeks to incorporate diverse viewpoints and experiences, embrace unique journeys, and cultivate a rich, collaborative campaign.

Managed by

  • CA-OSG

Strategic Area

Public Awareness


$24 million



Workstream Goals

Increase awareness of ACEs and toxic stress, emphasizing that toxic stress is a treatable health condition.

Support ACEs and toxic stress prevention and mitigation through resources and strategies for youth ages 16-25 and their caregivers.

Primarily focus on economically disadvantaged, 2SLGBTQ+ and rural communities, BIPOC youth, tribal/indigenous communities, immigrant and refugee communities, and system-impacted youth.

Key Achievements

Launched RAND pre-survey to measure baseline awareness of ACEs and their health impacts.

Completed seven listening sessions that were held with youth and young adults, and parents and caregivers, and released a report capturing what was shared.

Created a campaign input page to encourage stakeholder involvement.

Published an information landing page on osg.ca.gov.

Launched two “Understanding ACEs” animated videos.

Developed a Strategic Communications Plan.

Developed and tested campaign concepts with target audiences.

Promoted the campaign soft-launch through social media and public announcements.


Spring 2024

Campaign Launch.

Winter 2024

Release Campaign Update Announcement.

Fall 2023

Distribute RAND Pre-Survey.

Fall 2023

Engage Youth and Caregivers.

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Spring 2023

Award Contract.

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Winter 2022

Released RFP.

Summer 2022 – Winter 2023

Engaged with clinicians to build awareness of the upcoming ACEs campaign and encourage enrollment in the online ACEs training.