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CYBHI for Schools

New resources to support students and staff

The Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI) is bringing services to the places and spaces where youth spend time – like schools!

You play a pivotal role in supporting young people and their families. The CYBHI has many programs that can help you and your students.


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Certified Wellness Coaches

Certified Wellness Coaches provide care to young people through prevention and early-intervention services. These services support overall physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Coaches supplement the efforts of existing professionals, allowing them to focus on children with more complex needs.

  • MTSS Tiers 1-3
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Increasing Access to Care Services

The Statewide Multi-Payer Fee Schedule provides a sustainable funding source for school-linked behavioral health services and creates a more approachable billing model for schools and local educational agencies. Funding is being distributed to all 58 County Offices of Education to help schools successfully implement this program.

  • MTSS Tiers 2-3
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Student Behavioral Health Incentive Program

This program strengthens relationships between Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans, County Offices of Education, Local Education Agencies, and county behavioral health stakeholders to break down silos and improve access to and coordination of behavioral health services for students in need.

  • MTSS Tier 2
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Gathering Real-Time Data

Through an online tool, schools and districts can rapidly obtain data on how their students, staff, and families are experiencing social-emotional learning, climate, culture, and well-being. The tool is available for free for a limited time to California schools in partnership with Kelvin Education.

  • MTSS Tiers 1-3
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Scaling What Works

Schools and community organizations are expanding activities rooted in evidence to improve access to critical behavioral health interventions, including those focused on parent/caregiver support, early intervention, trauma-informed practices, and youth-driven programs.

  • MTSS Tiers 1-3
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Youth Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Resources for educators and schools, including palm cards, posters, talking points, social posts, activation tips, and more to help youth and young adults before, during, and after a crisis.

  • MTSS Tier 1
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Provider Consultation with a Behavioral Health Specialist

Through the California Child and Adolescent Mental Health Access Portal (Cal-MAP), school-based clinicians can access real-time, no-cost, direct-connect consultation with behavioral health specialists (e.g., psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers) for questions regarding screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

  • MTSS Tier 3
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Crisis and Wraparound Services for Suicide Prevention

Ten counties are developing and testing models for rapidly reporting and comprehensively responding to youth suicides and suicide attempts. County-level programs are providing crisis services and follow-up supports within school and community settings.

  • MTSS Tier 3
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Safe Spaces: Trauma-Informed Training

An online training for TK-12 educators, early care providers, and all who interact with young people to recognize and respond to trauma and reduce behavioral health challenges. Learners can take one or all three trainings focused on ages 0-5, 5-11 and 12-18. Continuing education credit is available and a certificate of completion is awarded from the California Surgeon General.

  • MTSS Tier 1
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Three Free Teaching Tools

The CalHOPE Schools Initiative offers three free, powerful resources to California educators: A Trusted Space: Redirecting Grief to Growth; Angst: Building Resilience; and Stories of Hope: SHORTS. Watch these transformational films that speak to the heart of social and emotional needs and access customized curriculum and guides that help teachers, students, and families navigate their journey to personal well-being.

  • MTSS Tier 1
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Free Professional Development about Social-Emotional Learning

Developed by UC Berkeley, six social-emotional learning modules, as well as a mini-course, can be accessed at no cost by any education professional or community member in California.

  • MTSS Tier 1
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Room to Breathe: Communities of Practice

Led by UC Berkeley, this community of practice is designed to deepen understanding of how evidence-based mindfulness and well-being practices can bring deeper connection to your work and your school community.

  • MTSS Tier 1
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CalHOPE Social-Emotional Learning Community of Practice

Leaders from all 58 County Offices of Education are participating in a statewide SEL Community of Practice, which aims to build leadership to strengthen SEL in schools across the state.

  • MTSS Tiers 1-2
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App-Based Mental Health Support for Students and Families

Two new free, web- and app-based platforms provide coaching and resources to meet the distinct needs of kids and young adults by age group. BrightLife Kids is for parents or caregivers and kids 0-12 years old. Soluna is for teens and young adults ages 13-25. Families with multiple children whose ages span 0-25 can use both platforms to meet their needs.

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Parent Support Videos

This free video series features more than 150 caregivers, kids, and experts talking about some of the most pressing, confusing, and challenging questions that parents face. Designed to help boost kids’ resilience and well-being, the series covers a wide range of topics, including schoolwork, technology, and difficult situations such as death and grief. Available in English and Spanish.

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Animated Shorts for Young People

Animated shorts which focus on asking for help, the strength of community, and embracing compassion and understanding.

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Youth Suicide Prevention Resources

Resources to learn about suicide warning signs, crisis resources, and how to help youth before, during, and after a crisis.

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Youth Mental Health Academy

A 14-month, community-based career-development program for high school students. Students benefit from mentorship, paid project-based learning, and paid internships in mental health fields.

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ACEs & Toxic Stress Toolkit

Resources to learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress, along with strategies to heal. Educational resources are available for download.

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