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Healthcare Provider Training and e-Consult

About this Workstream

Through a partnership with the University of California, San Francisco Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program (USCF CAPP), the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) will launch a statewide behavioral health eConsult service to provide pediatricians, primary care physicians and other practitioners (e.g., school-based service providers) access to consultation support from licensed behavioral health professionals, including psychiatrists. 

In addition to providing remote and real-time consultation support with behavioral health clinical experts, it will offer access to behavioral health resources, tools and supports, including trainings to strengthen the workforce and improve the capacity of primary care providers and pediatricians to provide behavioral health treatment to children, youth and young adults.

Managed by

  • DHCS

Strategic Area

Behavioral Health Ecosystem Infrastructure

Workforce Training and Capacity


$155 million



Workstream Goals

Launch the statewide eConsult portal to provide synchronous and asynchronous behavioral health consults and warmline support.

Connect pediatricians, primary care physicians and other providers to behavioral health professionals to receive consultation and guidance when providing behavioral health care.

Create learning opportunities for primary care and behavioral health professionals.

Improve access to behavioral health tools, supports and resources for primary care providers and pediatricians.

Key Achievements

Formed an expert working group to advise and inform the development of an eConsult platform.

Completed a process to identify a technology services vendor to support the statewide launch of the eConsult service.

Finalized and executed contract with UCSF.

Looking ahead: DHCS will work with UCSF to a successful rollout of the eConsult service across the state, including launching a new e-Consult portal, asynchronous consultation support and learning management system in 2024.


Spring 2024

Launch statewide e-Consult service.

Spring - Summer 2023

Finalize selection of the e-Consult partner and execute contract.

April 2022 – April 2023

Engaged experts and Stakeholders to inform business requirements and to identify and operationalize platform features.

July 2022

Issued request for information to solicit input from potential vendors.