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School-Linked Partnership and Capacity Grants

About this Workstream

The School-Linked Partnership and Capacity Grants are a one-time investment enabling educational entities to build the necessary capacity, infrastructure and partnerships needed to achieve a long-term and sustainable funding model. The program will provide a $550 million investment to support California’s educational system. This funding aims to improve fee-schedule readiness (i.e., increase the number of Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) who meet fee schedule’s operational requirements) and expand access by increasing the availability, equity and range of behavioral health services and growing capacity through training and development of infrastructure.

Managed by

  • DHCS

Strategic Area

Behavioral Health Ecosystem Infrastructure


$550 million



Workstream Goals

Increase the number of students receiving preventive and early-intervention behavioral health services.

Support statewide implementation of school-linked fee schedule and behavioral health network of providers.

Increase the number of LEAs that meet the operational readiness requirements needed to join the behavioral health provider network and utilize the fee schedule. This will ensure that one-time funds are used in a way that promotes long-term sustainability.

Increase availability, equity and range of behavioral health services in schools or school-linked settings by augmenting LEAs’ capabilities and capacity. This provides an opportunity for educational entities to increase capacity and expand service delivery in the nearer term. Similarly, investments in the systems around school-linked services can help expand access to behavioral health care in schools.

Provide direct grants to support new services for individuals 25 years of age and younger through schools, providers in school, school-affiliated community-based organizations or school-based health centers.

Key Achievements

Established grant allocation model for TK-12 schools.

Worked with COEs across the state to design a granting framework.

Partnered with Sacramento County Office of Education and Santa Clara County Office of Education to administer grant funds to all 58 county offices of education and provide them with technical assistance needed to implement the multi-payer fee schedule.

Outreach and Engagement:

  • Completed eight listening tours. 
  • Engaged ~350 educational partners and stakeholders (including youth). 
  • Collected insights from stakeholders to inform a landscape of behavioral health needs across early education, K-12, and higher education settings. 
  • Stakeholders generated ideas for improving school-linked behavioral health services with grant funding at or near school settings.
  • DHCS continues to engage with key partners from the education and health sectors to refine the grant design.

Aligned granting timeline with fee-schedule rollout to promote support.



Award $550 million in one-time funding grants to K-12 ($400 million) and institutions of higher education ($150 million).


Defined preliminary grant administration strategy.