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Parent Support Video Series

About this Workstream

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), in partnership with The Child Mind Institute (CMI), is producing a parent-support video series providing parents with resources and skills to support their children’s mental health. The series will equip parents and caregivers with evidence-based strategies and practical tools to help children facing behavioral health challenges. Focusing on children’s and youth’s needs, the series will offer accessible knowledge to tackle issues of equity, stigma and access, empowering caregivers to support their children’s well-being effectively.

Managed by

  • DHCS

Strategic Area

Public Awareness


$15 million



Workstream Goals

Produce state-of-the-art, evidence-based materials for parents and caregivers.

Reflect the concerns and lived experiences of a diverse group of California caregivers.

Establish a pathway to introduce parents and caregivers to a broad array of psychoeducation and evidence-based parenting interventions, with careful consideration of programs adapted for diverse populations, equity and inclusion.

Build a resource library with supplementary materials and options for additional self-guided learning.

Key Achievements

Partnered with Child Mind Institute to begin the production of a new video series to provide parents with resources and enhance their skills to support their children’s mental health.

Identified video topics that are most relevant from 20 potential topics with 215 stakeholders (children and youth and parents and caregivers), including caregiver self-care and parent-child relationships; positive youth development; developmental transformations and challenges; and family and community stressors, among others.

Developed a media plan.


March 2024

Produce approximately 20 videos on a variety of topics in English and Spanish. 

June 2024

Develop companion learning guides to use with the videos.