» Statewide Multi-Payer Fee Schedule for School-Linked Behavioral Health Services


Statewide Multi-Payer Fee Schedule for School-Linked Behavioral Health Services

About this Workstream

The Statewide Multi-Payer Fee Schedule for School-Linked Behavioral Health Services unites healthcare and education, ensuring sustainable reimbursements for specific services in school settings. It mandates Medi-Cal and commercial plans to adhere to set rates for local education agencies and school-affiliated providers. This initiative also aims to develop and maintain a statewide network of school-linked behavioral health counselors, serving all children regardless of payer status. Simplifying cost structures and facilitating easier access, the fee schedule broadens the reach of school-linked services, enhances reimbursement processes, eases administrative challenges and promotes a more inclusive, supportive environment for students’ mental well-being.

Managed by

  • DHCS
  • DMHC

Strategic Area



Payment for covered services will be provided by managed care plans.



Workstream Goals

Reduce uncertainty around students’ coverage; thereby eliminating barriers to care.

Increase access to school-linked behavioral health services for children and youth.

Apply to multiple payers, including Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans (MCPs), health care service plans, commercial health plans, and disability insurers. 

Expand the types of practitioners eligible for reimbursement for school-based behavioral health services to include Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) credentialed providers and Certified Wellness Coaches.

Create a more approachable reimbursement model for schools, given the shift to fee-for-service reimbursement.

Ease burdens for educational entities around contracting, rate negotiation and navigation of delivery systems with state-established rates for all included services.

Key Achievements

Approved readiness reviews and go-live for 47 LEAs across 25 counties (cohort 1).

Selected Carelon Behavioral Health as the third-party administrator (TPA) for the fee schedule.

Published fee schedule.

Published guidance document (including finalized codes, set of eligible providers, and rates).

DHCS and DMHC established a Fee Schedule Working Group composed of more than 60 members supporting the design of an all-payer, statewide, and school-linked fee schedule for behavioral health services.

Convened statewide listening sessions with LEA partners and institutions of higher education (Universities, California State Universities, and California Community Colleges).


December 2023

Published fee schedule.

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January 2024

Issue initial guidance and onboard first cohort of participating LEAs.

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July 2024

Onboarding second cohort.

January 2025

Rolling Opt-In: Cohort participants will expand to include all California institutions of higher education campuses, local educational agencies, charter schools, California Schools for the Deaf, and California Schools for the Blind.