» Focused Youth Suicide Prevention Media and Outreach Campaign


Focused Youth Suicide Prevention Media and Outreach Campaign

About this Workstream

The Focused Youth Suicide Prevention Media and Outreach Campaign utilizes a data-driven, multicultural, and multilingual approach, focusing on Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian/Alaskan Native, and Black/African American youth—populations most affected by youth suicide in recent years. 

The campaign combines media efforts with grants to youth-serving community-based organizations (CBOs) and tribal entities fostering evidence-based and community-focused suicide-prevention strategies. Using focused, culturally specific messaging that is co-created with youth and supporting local prevention efforts, the campaign intends to increase awareness and utilization of resources, services and supports, offering hope to those who need it most.

Managed by

  • CDPH

Strategic Area

Public Awareness


$40 million



Workstream Goals

Reduce suicide ideation, attempts and deaths among California youth up to age 25 who are disproportionately impacted by suicide.

Increase awareness of relevant suicide prevention and mental health resources, services, and supports.

Increase help-seeking behavior and other evidence-informed suicide prevention strategies.

Key Achievements

Contracted with The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, Civilian Agency, and the University of California Los Angeles to act as the Campaign’s grantee, media, and evaluation partners, respectively.

Established a Youth Advisory Board to help inform the campaign’s media and program efforts.

Awarded 34 grants to CBOs and tribal organizations to implement local youth suicide prevention efforts.

Grantees began development of workplans to support local suicide prevention projects and develop local evaluation metrics.

2,614 youth and caregivers provided input on their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to mental health and youth suicide through the Mental Health + Support baseline evaluation survey.

Held an in-person Youth Community and Skill Building convening to foster collaboration among grantees and engage with youth to support media training and content development.

Developed look, feel, and messaging of the campaign based on best-practices in suicide prevention and an extensive co-creation process with youth from the initiative’s primary audience.


June 2025

Evaluation report submitted.

May 2025

Campaign and grantee prevention projects end.

Spring 2024

Campaign launches.

October 2023

Baseline evaluation survey is conducted.

August 2023

CBOs and tribal entities awarded funds.

May 2023

CBOs and tribal entities apply for funds.

February 2023

Media vendor selected.

December 2022

Release of solicitation for a media vendor.